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Welding Supplies Sydney

5 things you need to know about welding supplies in Sydney

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a fully qualified welder, when it comes to welding supplies Sydney has you covered. From welding machines to fluxes and electrodes through to safety gear, Sydney’s four million plus inhabitants have everything they need to weld…well, almost everything.

In 2014, Sydney took the manufacturing crown from Melbourne. That is to say, in Sydney, manufacturing is now the third largest industry and makes up 6.2% of the city’s output, following the professional services sector  (9.1%) and the financial services first (16%). And it is only set to rise. With TAFEs across Sydney offering metal fabrication and welding courses, Sydney is set for a whole new generation of professional welders.

So with Sydney boasting some of the most qualified and experienced welders in Australia, not to mention all those hobby welders who simply want to give it a go, it only makes sense that Sydney should have the best range of welding supplies on offer. There are several good, reputable offline, bricks-and-mortar welding shops in Sydney which supply both the hobbyists and the pros. But one major inconvenience of buying welding supplies in Sydney offline is...you guessed it - the traffic. To find a good offline welding retail shop in Sydney - by good, we don't mean your local hardware shop - you may have to fight through 10, 5, or even 20km of traffic Yuck! That is why ordering welding supplies online in Sydney has become such an attractive option.

SYDNEY: Beautiful beaches...fabulous harbour...horrendous traffic!

Here are five reasons to buy welding supplies online in Sydney:

  1. Delivery & Pick-up

If you can’t get your welding supplies to where you need them, when you need them, they’re as good as useless. eWelders.com.au has welding equipment warehoused in Gosford, meaning it can be delivered within 48 hours or picked up direct from the warehouse – depending on what’s most convenient for you.

  1. Cost

With welding supplies Gosford based, you’re looking at lower rates for a Sydney delivery. After all, they don’t have far to go! Plus, when you deal with eWelders.com.au, the high volumes of products sold means you’re getting even more competitive rates – which are passed straight on to you without a mark-up.

  1. Warranty

When you buy welding supplies, it pays to know that the machine suppliers are based in Australia. This means, if things go wrong, you get the peace of mind that there’s a nation-wide network of accredited service agents who are ready to look after you.

  1. Spare Parts

The same goes for spare parts. If the welding supplies are in Sydney, you can bet that you’re able to get excellent spare parts when you need them too. So you won’t be waiting around for parts to be shipped from overseas before you can get on with your welding job.

  1. Support

If you have a problem with your welding equipment or need to arrange a delivery, who can you call? Well, if you buy welding supplies in Sydney, you can call the supplier. No worrying about different timezones or having to go through email and internet contact forms, just pick up the phone and talk to someone locally who can help.

So if you’re looking for the best welding supplies in Sydney – no matter your level of experience – you’ve come to the right place. At eWelders.com.au, you’ll find expert advice and great prices on quality welding supplies available for delivery in Sydney. Start browsing our products today!