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Welding Supplies Melbourne

Welding Supplies Melbourne: Why Melburnians have never had so much choice

Did you know there are 84,800 structural steel and welding trades workers in Australia (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2012)? And 19% of those are located in Victoria. Based on the proportion of Victorians that live in Melbourne, that means there are more than 16,000 welding trades workers in Melbourne and this means that, for quality welding supplies, Melbourne is the place to be.

Welding supplies available in Melbourne range from the professional industrial welding machines right through to the most basic equipment that can be used by a home DIY-er (given the right skills). The trick is to choose a supplier who delivers locally to Melbourne so you can get your welding supplies precisely when and where you need them.

So why are welding supplies taking off in Melbourne? Here are two big reasons:

  1. Home DIY-ers

We don’t know if it’s because the GFC made us tighten our belts or because we really like to get our hands dirty, but more and more home DIY-ers want to give welding a go for themselves. Luckily universities and TAFEs are running great courses to teach people what’s what. For example, Melbourne Polytechnic runs courses on welding all types of metals. In such courses, commonly you learn about the types of welding processes, how to select the right welding rods and consumables for the MIG and TIG processes, and important safety precautions.

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  1. Welding skills

Skills are hard to come by in Australia these days, which is why some of the best universities and TAFEs in Victoria are running excellent courses to encourage people to get into the welding trade. 

This means for welding supplies Melbourne customers are in precisely the right place to enjoy the best choice of quality products. You not only have the opportunity to get welding accessories equipment for jobs around the home, but can get the top-of-the-range professional equipment for the job site.

Melbourne welders can choose from a wide range of trusted welding brands such as Cigweld and Uni-Mig. This means, if things go wrong, you get the peace of mind that there are local accredited service agents ready to look after you and get everything back up and running quickly. And because the manufacturers are in Australia, you know that the spare parts can’t be far away too.

Easy for Melburnians

So whether you’re giving welding a go for the first time or looking for the latest welding machine out there, you’re in the right place.

Testimonial from Michael at Traralgon: "Was able to pick this machine up in Melbourne on the day I bought it, which was great. Has been good little addition to the workshop."

At eWelders.com.au, you’ll find expert advice and great prices on quality welding supplies available for delivery in Melbourne. We offer low-cost, and sometime free, shipping and have some stock located in Melbourne. We can generally get supplies to you within 48 hours and, if you want welding supplies in Melbourne on that day, we can arrange for same day pick-ups.

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