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Welding Supplies Adelaide

5 things every Adelaide welder needs to know

Whether you’re a weekend welder or a pro, when it comes to welding supplies Adelaide has you covered. But not all welding suppliers are created equal, so here are five things to look out for when buying welding supplies in Adelaide.

Construction, aeronautics, electronics, boiler making, general DIY…the list of welding jobs is endless in Adelaide, home of Australia's largest defence ship building industry. And the type of welding supplies and accessories used varies depending on what type of welding is being performed. While you can buy welding supplies and accessories from most hardware shops, it pays to get them from a specialist supplier who really knows their stuff and will have the best range of welding supplies Adelaide has ever seen.


Here are five ways to find the best welding supplies Adelaide has to offer:

  1. Delivery & Pick-up

Don’t underestimate the importance of delivery and pick-up for welding supplies and accessories. Cheap welding supplies are all very well and good but if you can’t get them to where you need them, what’s the point? Look for a supplier with local warehousing and fast delivery options. For example, eWelders.com.au has welding equipment warehoused in Adelaide so it can be delivered within 48 hours or picked up direct from the warehouse – whatever is most convenient for you.

  1. Product Range

There are various factors to consider when buying welding supplies and accessories. The problem with many hardware stores and supplies is that they simply don’t have the range of quality welding supplies Adelaide customers are looking for. Make sure they stock specialist tools, such as electrodes and fluxes, and can cater for specific welding jobs, such as welding aluminium.

  1. Price

When choosing the right welding supplies, Adelaide buyers need to remember their budget not only for the welding supplies but also for the delivery. A supplier who has items warehoused in Adelaide will be able to offer lower rates for an Adelaide delivery. And the more stock they have, the more competitive rates they will be able to offer.

  1. Warranty & Spares

You never want to consider that your welder might break down but that’s the best way to make sure you will have access to the back-up you might one day need. With local suppliers you can have the peace of mind that there’s a nation-wide network of accredited service agents who are ready to look after you. And should you need them, you can get excellent spare parts right when you need them. No waiting around while parts are shipped from overseas before you can get that urgent job finished.

  1. Local Support

Got a problem with your welding equipment? Need to arrange a delivery? Stuck for which welder to buy? If you choose wisely, you can call the welding supplier. With a supplier in Adelaide, there’s no need to worry about different timezones or waiting for an email to be picked up. You can just give them a call and talk to a real person who can help.

Find out why Adelaide customers go to eWelders.com.au for expert advice and great prices on quality welding supplies. Check out our wide range of welders and accessories available for delivery in Adelaide.