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How does warranty work?

eWelders only deals with reputable Australian suppliers who offer a minimum 12 months warranty on all of their welding machines and who are based here in Australia ensuring their accountability should you inquire a warranty issue. The good news is that we encounter virtually no warranty issues on our range because we carefully scrutinise all of our suppliers before agrreing to distribute their products.

It is the supplier / manufacturer of your products that handles all service and warranty related issues for their individual products - not eWelders. However, eWelders will help to facilitate your Warranty inquiry and put you in touch with your the relevent Supplier Warranty Service Centre for you product.

If the goods you have purchased cease to function as required within the warranty period, or need servicing you will either need to take the product to the closest service agent who can inspect, service, or diagnose and repair any faults, or the product may need to be sent off to the manufacturer. You will not be billed for shipping if the product needs to be sent away. The service agent or manufacturer will then access the warranty claim and, if deemed valid, repair or replace the product

Contact details of the customer service centres are supplied with the goods - e.g. in the owner's manual/handbook, or warranty booklet. If you did not receive this information with your order please contact us on 1300 554 685 or email [email protected] and we will arrange to have this information sent out for you.


How to find warranty information for your welder?

Each manufacturer’s warranty policy is different. Here is a general outline of how each supplier works.


Uni-Mig, T&R, Magmaweld, Tecna and XcelArc products

Contact Welding Guns of Australia’s Information and Warranty Centre 02 9780 4200 and they will advice you of your nearest service agent.


Ross Welders

Contact White International on 1300 783 601 and they will advice you of your nearest service agent.


Cigweld welding products

Contact eWelders on 1300 554 685 in the first instance. One of technical exports will help you troubleshoot your issue. If the issue can not be resolved over the phone, eWelders' will help you to facilitate your Warranty claim and arrange for the product to be sent to Cigweld's National Technical support centre in Melbourne. You will not incur any shipping or other charges.



Contact Boswell's Warranty Department on 03 9078 4437 or email [email protected] The Boswell team will arrange your machine to be shipped to 3/ 38 Christensen St, Cheltenham, Melbourne Victoria, 3192, for an assessment and repairs.

Dynaweld (Bossweld, BossSpot BossGas)

 Dynaweld is backed by an Australia-Wide network of service agents and repairers. Contact your Dynaweld on  (02) 9772 1144 and they will attempt to troubleshoot your issue. If trouble shooting is unsuccessful they will advice you of your nearest service agent who will assess and repair the product.