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UniMig Razor 315 Three-Phase ACDC Digital TIG-MMA Inverter Welder (KUMJRRW315ACDC)

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Quick Overview
Three-Phase Digital COntrolled ACDC TIG Welder

Product Details

Key information:

See specifications for full details
Warranty3 Years
Max Output315amps
ProcessesAC TIG, DC TIG, Stick
WeldsAluminium, Steel, Stainless, Cast Iron
Plug TypeOptional - 3 Phase
Weight (approx)30kg
Approx Weld Capacity Steel13mm
Input Power415v-Three Phase
Current AC (Alternating Current) & DC (DIrect Current)
*FREE 1kg pack of Aluminium TIG filler rods

The UniMIg Razor 315 AC/DC Digital is one of Australia’s premier Three-Phase AC/DC Welders. It has some of the latest technology on the market but comes in at a far better price than comparable product.
The machine is the first UniMIg machine of its type to feature full digital controls and Digital Square Wave. The Digital controls allow for precise TIG welding on thin gauge aluminium and other metals. The machine features digital control of Up Slope, Down Slope, Press Gas Time, Start Current and Finish Current, not to mention Post Gas. This all amounts to professional welds.
When welding Aluminium, AC Square Wave gives you maximum control of the electron flow. This allow you to set your AC TIG arc for maximised cleaning of the oxide layer when welding aluminium.
The machine also features Digital Pulse Frequency Control, which gives you precise control of your Peak Current, Base Current, Pulse Fequency and Pulse Width
The machine comes with a high unction SR26 Torch with 2T/4T Trigger control. UniMIg’s unique remote torch control interface gives you the ability to control amperage from your torch in both static and live weld modes.
The machine features HF TIG capability in both AC and DC and is ideal for professional welding of aluminium, steel, stainless, copper, bronze, and cast iron. It also comes with an Arc Welding Lead Set, allowing you to Stick (MMA) weld.

- Razor AC/DC 315 machine
- SR26 TIG Torch
- LS25 4m Arc Welding Lead and Clamp Set
- 2m Gas Hose
- Argon Flowmeter Regulator

- Digital Control of Base Current
- Digital Control of Pulse Width
- HF AC/DC Torch
- VOltage Reuction Device
- Arc Ignition Time Set - 0.01-1sec
- Arc Force Select
- Remote Amperage Control
- Job Memory / Recall
- Full Digital Square Wave Functionality
- Digital Pre Gas Control
- Digital UP Slope Control
- Digital Control of Down Slope
- Digital Control of Start Current
- Digital Control of Finish Current
- Digital Control of Pulse Frequency
- 2T/4T Trigger
- Amp Control at Torch in Live and Static
- Digital Control of Peak Current

Part Number: - KUMJRRW315ACDC
Primary Input Voltage - 415v 3 Phase
Input Frequency (Hz): - 50 - AC
Input Current: - 19 Amps
Ieff Current: - 13 Amps
Power Rating: - 9 KVA
Rated Output Current: 315 Amps - TIG / 250 Amps - MMA
Range of Output Current: DC: 10~250 / AC 20~250
Arc Force (A): 0 - 100
No Load Voltage: 45
Pre-Flow (S): 0~15.0
Clean Width (%): 10~90
Slope-Down Time (S): 0~60
Post-Flow Time (S): 2.0~20.0
Base Current (%): DC: 10~320 / AC: 30~320
Pulse Frequency (Hz): 0.5~200 DC / 0.5~5.0 AC
Duty Cycle 40 Deg C - TIG: 20%@315Amps TIG
Duty Cycle 40 Deg C - MMA: 60%@230Amps MMA
Protection Class: IP21S
Dimensions (mm): 590 x 375 x 380
Weight (Kgs): 33


Additional Information

Weight 33.0000
Product Manual RAZOR 315ACDC Digital web.pdf
Product Brochure RAZOR 315ACDC Digital.pdf
Unit Type Unit Type
Amperage No
product_type No
Suitable For No
Bar No
Flow Rate Control (FRC) No
Frimin No
Float No
Horse Power No
Kilowatts No
Pounds / Square Inch (PSA) No
Powered No
Taps No
Volts No
Type No
Draw Off No
Watts No
Litres No
Casin Material No
Max Flow LMNI No
Particle Size No
Use No
Approval No
Flow Control No
Max Flow L/Hr No
Plumbing No
Lid No
Diameter No
Style No
Width No
Size Range No
Mount No
Part Number No
Primary Input Voltage No
Welding Current No
Voltage Steps No
Duty Cycle 40 Deg C No
Welding Voltage Range DC No
Overload Protection No
Reverse Polarity No
Wire Spool Size (kg) No
Wire Size (mm) No
Dimensions (mm) No
Weight (kg) Weight (kg)
Input Power 415v-Three Phase
Warranty Stamps
Embed Code No
Embed Code No
Embed Code No
Embed Code No
Embed Code No
Item Height No
Item Width No
Item Length No
Item Weight No
Item Height No
Item Width No
Item Length No
Item Weight No


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