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Service and Technical Support

Service and Technical Support

How to find technical support for your welder

Are you experiencing technical issues with your welder? No dramas!

at eWelders, most of our manufacturers have technical experts available to help you troubleshoot most issues over the phone by calling their tech support hotlines. Since they designed and built the welders, their experienced technicians have more knowledge than any re-seller. We recommend calling a technical expert before scheduling a return or taking the welder in for repairs. Don't hesitate to contact eWelders on 1300 554 685 in you need our help obtaining high-level technical support for your welder.

Below is a list of technical support numbers for our suppliers.


Cigweld Technical Support hotline (for Cigweld and Tweco products)

Cigweld prides itself on offering industry leading customer service and has a support line dedicated to offering technical support.

1300 654 674 (Technical support hotline open 8am-5pm AEST Monday-Friday)


Uni-Mig technical support  (For uni-mig, XcelArc, T&C and MagmaWeld products)

Uni-Mig employs experienced team of technical staff and service technicians. To be transferred to a technical expoert call the company's head office on:

02 9780 4200 


Ross Welders

Contact eWelders on 1300 554 685