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Welcome to the Learning Centre

At eWelders, we're passionate about helping you select the right welding machine, accessory, related equipment or consumable to suit your needs.

So we created this learning centre - containing useful, informative and interesting articles and videos - to help you make your buying decisions.

Our team regularly adds content to the Learning Centre, so please check it periodically to view the latest content.

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Useful reading

Click on the articles below written by our team, to guide you through the welding buying process:

Articles on welding knowledge, skills and resources

Beginner's Guide: How to weld aluminium. Part One (MIG)

Beginner's Guide: How to weld aluminium. Part Two (TIG)

Beginner's guide to MIG welding

Converting your shed into a welding workshop

Features and types of MIG, TIG and MMA welders

Important uses of a plasma cutter

Preparation is key in welding

TIG aluminium welding - a 'how to' guide

Which welding process is right for me?

Why welding jackets are essential

Articles on deciding what to buy

Arc welding - A guide to buying an arc welder 

Choosing the right welding electrode

4 essential things to consider when choosing a plasma cutter

Four features to expect in welding gloves 

Gasless MIG welding vs Gas MIG welding - 6 things you need to know

How to select a welding jacket

Reasons for selecting a single-phase MIG welder

Selecting the right welding gas - The shielding gas guide for MIG and TIG welding 

7 things you need to know before buying a TIG welder

3 things to keep in mind when buying welding equipment online 

UniMig 250 - A look at Australia's leading 250amp MIG multi-purpose inverter range

Welding Gas: Hire or buy a disposable welding gas bottle?

Which helmet do I need?


Articles on services in your nearest city

Welding Supplies Brisbane - Top tips to get the best supplier

Welding Supplies Sydney - Here's five things you need to know

Welding Supplies Melbourne - Why Melbournians have never had so much choice

Welding Supplies Perth - Five things you need to know

Welding Supplies Adelaide - Five things every Adelaide welder needs to know


 eWelders' ladder of learning, a unique approach to welding

The ways the articles in this Learning Centre are written and arranged for you is deliberate. The articles are based on eWelders' unique concept of eWelders' ladder of learning, which you can read about here

The ladder explains how you can deepen your knowledge of welding. And we use the ladder to assist you promptly and accurately.