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Fume Extraction

eWelders has partnered with leading Australian Fume Extraction supplier Excision to offer one of the best welding fume extraction system ranges in the country. We also supply Fume Extraction Systems from UniMig- one of Australia's most trusted welding suppliers. Fume Extraction Systems are designed to capture and clean fumes and gases generated from welding, soldering, adhesives, stained glass work and many other indoor applications and can play an important safety role for many business and home work shops When in use the machines extract the fumes and dustinto the hood and the first step is through the fire resistance net. This net intercepts and separates large particles and sparks caused by grinding and welding. The fume then enters the deflector which stops large sparks entering directly into the main filter. The final stage is when the fumes are passed through the third layer of the filter cartridge which optimises the fumes purification by up to 99.9%. We are only interested in supplying world leading class fume extraction systems which ensure the safety of those relying on it. Both of our suppliers are based in Australia on offer strong warranty conditions as well as employing trained technicians, who can service the equipment. eWelders stocks a full ranges of accessories and parts for the systems. Browse the machines below for more information.