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Hard Facing Electrodes

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Hardfacing describes a welding process whereby a harder or tougher material is applied to a base metal. Typically this will involve the use of a specialised hardfacing welding wire, electrode or rod.

Hardfacing can be applied to a worn part to restore it to an improved condition or it can be applied during new construction to give the part greater wear resistance. This technique can greatly extend the lifetime of a part and result in significant savings to an operator.

The technique can be applied using various welding techniques including stick welding, mig welding and tig welding. In each case a particular type of electrode will need to be used be it a stick electrode, mig wire or filler rod.

Some of the common electrode materials available for hardfacing include cobalt-based alloys (such as stellite), chromium carbide alloys and nickel-based alloys.

eWelders is proud to be able to offer hardfacing electrodes to customers Australia wide from top quality and trusted manufacturers.