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Boswell 200A AC/DC TIG-Arc Pulse Aluminium Welder

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AC/DC inverter with Pulse control. Ideal for welding thin aluminium sheets.


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Key information:

See specifications for full details
Warranty12 Months
Max Output200amps
ProcessesAC TIG, DC TIG, Stick
WeldsAluminium, Steel, Stainless, Cast Iron
Plug Type15amp
Weight (approx)20kg
Approx Weld Capacity Steel10mm
Input Power240v-Single Phase
Current AC (Alternating Current) & DC (DIrect Current)
*Optional Remote Foot Control $50. Call 1300 554 685 to add


New to the eWelders range, the TIGFORCE 200A Pulse is an industrial-grade AC/DC inverter machine with fully adjustable Pulse Duty and Pulse Frequency, making it ideal for precise welding of thin sheet metal including aluminium. Feature-packed and sourced from the same factory as BOC manufactures its equipment the machine brings professional level AC Pulse welding into the price range of the serious DIY welder and serious fabricator.

DC mode allows you to weld Stainless Steels, alloy steel and other non-ferrous metals, while AC mode allows the welder to weld aluminium or alloy-aluminium. The TIGFORCE Pulse has been designed with a superior amperage range of 5-200amp allowing you to weld thin sheet metal through to thick plates up to 10mm. AC Balance Control allows the welder to select the amount of penetration or cleaning required when welding aluminium.
Down Slope and Post Flow Time prevent crater cracking and oxidation of the weld metal by adjusting the post flow of shielding gas and the current reduction rate.

The TIGFORCE is also designed to cope with voltage inputs that fluctuate by +/-15% thus can be used with inverter or most petrol generators.
The TIGFORCE also had High Function Arc start making it easier to strike the arc.
At 20kg it is portable, with a high duty cycle and comes complete with a 12 months warranty and a seven day satisfaction guarantee.

It comes with the option of a remote foot control for $100.

- Fully adjustable Pulse Duty and Pulse Frequency
- Fully adjustable Down Slope and Post Flow Time
- Low Amperage Setting
- AC Balance Control
- AC/DC Functionality
- Single-Phase 240v Inverter Technology
- 2T/4T Trigger Function
- HF Arc Starting
- MMA Function
- IP21 Protection Grade
- Optional Foot Control
- 12 Months Warranty
- Generator friendly (handles voltage fluctuations +/-15%

-TIGFORCE 200AC/DC Pulse Unit
- Boswell SR17 TIG Torch and cable
- Twist lock Electrode Holder and cable
- MMA Earth Clamp and Cable
- Standard TIG Torch Consumables


Additional Information

Input Power 240v-Single Phase
Part Number TF200ACDC1
Welding Voltage Range DC 1Phase ACDC 240v +/-15%
Frequency 50/60Hz
Rated Input Current TIG: 32.5A MMA: 43.5A
Output Current 10-200amps
No Load Voltage 44V
Rated Output Current TIG: 18V MMA: 28V
AC Balance (%) AC Balance
Pre-Flow (S) No
Down Slope Time (S) 0-15s
Post-Flow Time (S) 1-10s
Remote Control Yes
Arc Initiation Way HF
Efficiency No
Duty Cycle 60% @ 200A
Power Factor 0.73
insulation_grade F
Protection Class IP21
Weight 20.0000
Dimensions (mm) 498 x 328 x 302
Max Thickness (mm) 10
Product Brochure N/A
Product Manual N/A
Warranty Stamps No
Embed Code No
Embed Code No
Embed Code No
Embed Code No
Embed Code No
Item Height No
Item Width No
Item Length No
Item Weight No
Item Height No
Item Width No
Item Length No
Item Weight No


Good TIG WelderReview by Paul
The Boswell is a fantastic machine and I was surprised at the high level of quality. However, the manual is poorly written! All-in-all, a great machine for the price. (Posted on 19/11/15)
Good reliable unitReview by Nick
I am an experienced steel welder but I've recently had a few aluminium jobs come up and retrained myself using this TIG machine. The machine is pretty easy to set up and operate and the controls are pretty straight forward. It welds nice and crisp in AC and the pulse mode is definitely a worthwhile feature on the thinner sheets. I recently did some repairs on a bike frame and was really happy with the results. The foot control took me a little while to master but happy with it now and its a worthwhile feature.
Portability is definitely a plus with this machine. It's easy to move around and take out on jobs. My only criticism was the product manual which was a little lacking on details but eWelders was able to put in me in touch with the supplier who answered a couple of specific set-up questions I had. (Posted on 15/02/15)

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